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We are into the bags and garments business, our family is well known in this line as we have been in its trade for the past 46 years. The company was started in the city of Lagos, Nigeria as an enterprise to care for people’s travel needs. Over the years it has grown into a trading / semi manufacturing outfit with branches in different parts of the country, training and employing numerous number of people. We have a business hub in the UAE supporting our interests around the world. Our company is particularly known for special supplies like conference bags, back packs and computer bags among others. We handle major bag supply needs of several big companies and co operations in Nigeria. Our future lies in manufacturing of traveling goods and we have invested substantially in erecting a factory at a good location in Ikeja Lagos state. Our hope is to expand this factory base into other areas of the country to support people’s travel needs. Visit us today for a lasting and stable relationship in the field of bags and garments.


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